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Radiant heat is the cozy, satisfying warmth you can actually feel from any source of heat, such as sitting in front of a campfire or soaking up the rays of the sun. Natural Convection occurs as room air in the convection chamber is heated. This heated air rises, drawing cooler room air into the chamber, which in turn heats up and circulates around the firebox continuously.

Blaze King's Clarity 26 unique "infinity flame" is created by the use of a black glass floor, mirrored glass sides, and a sand dune rear panel. You can choose this modern look or further enhance the flame by choosing a traditional log set or customize your own inset design.
The CL26 is available with standing pilot* or intermittent pilot (IPI) with thermostat remote control functions. The large glass area is 21" x 18". At 7,000 BTU's the CL26 is a great heater. Our crescent shaped burner system has a 50% heat turn down allowing you to control the heat and the look of the flame. An optional fan system is available to help move the warmth throughout your home.